Guild Of Maintainers(Gilde van Beheerders)

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April 7th Cavern Hoax

On April 7th, 2010, the Guild of Messengers and Guild of Maintainers discovered they had been named in a hoax being spread to players via the Ki Mail system, and displayed on Guild Pub Imagers.  One of the documents being passed to players named the Guild of Maintainers as some sort of police force.

Four documents were passed to the player base. Two were written text, and two were Ki Camera shots. These shots showed the written material that had been uploaded to the Guild Pub Imagers.

One of the documents named Leonardo as Guild Master of Guild of Messengers. This is patently false information, as was the Rank 3 Guild member references. The “hunt” for the player August Knight is also a complete fabrication.  Neither the Guild of Messengers nor the Guild of Maintainers were behind this.

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Return to URU Block Party: March 5-7

Return to URU Block Party
Garden Party, Pub Crawl, and Dance
March 5-7

Welcome back to URU! It's definitely time for a PARTY!! The Guild of Maintainers is sponsoring a Cavern-wide weekend-long BLOCK PARTY BASH, and YOU'RE INVITED! Get together, have fun, get back in touch with old friends and make some new ones. Welcome back to the Neighborhood! Welcome back to the Cavern!

The PUB CRAWL: Each party day has a pub attached to it. Are you in-between activities or just want a change in atmosphere? Stop by the day's pub and hang out!

The GARDEN PARTY and DANCE: Contact Guild of Maintainers in-Cavern at KI#: 38486, or andy legate on the MOUL or GoMa forums, for your "party ticket" -- your invitation to Er'cana, Eder Gira, and Kadish Tolesa! Remember to provide your KI number!

All times listed are Cavern Time (MST, or GMT-7).

March 5: Just Getting Warmed Up
* Pub Crawl of the Day: The Maintainers' Pub
* Evening Area: Er'cana (Guild of Maintainers' Er'cana)
** Activities **
Train rides, rock climbing, possibly a ceremonial Pellet Drop

March 6: Garden Party!
* Pub Crawl of the Day: Ae'gura Pub

*Morning Area: Eder Gira
9am - 2pm Cavern Time: Eder Gira Garden Party (Guild of Maintainers' Eder Gira)
** Activities **
9am Cavern Time: Eder Gira memorial photo shoot with Crazyraider312! There will be a Maintainers photo -- anyone who'd like to be in it, please wear a red hard hat and optionally the Maintainer T-shirt. Other groups should contact Crazyraider (KI#: 670418) to coordinate their photos!
A Marker Mission for Eder Gira will be available; contact Jishin (KI#: 82165) for a copy.

*Evening area: Eder Delin (Guild of Maintainers' Bevin) Lees meer

Datum van de gebeurtenis: 
maart 5, 2010 (Hele dag) - maart 7, 2010 (Hele dag)
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Guild of Maintainers Grand Masters will be on Hiatus

After serious discussions, the Grand Masters of the Guild of Maintainers have decided to step back. Without an online Uru, there is little further to be organized for the guild's core role: Age inspections. Other projects that are parallel but non-core will continue as before.

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Educational Uru Ages Released!!

At last! This seven (yes 7) ages can now be visited!

Ametist and Metasabalt, two teachers in real life, have just released a set 7 Educational Ages to challenge their students and demonstrate once again how much Uru is not just a game.

We thank those of you who contributed ideas for the new ages as well as translated our English journals into German (Laura and Diafero). Our ages are very much a work in progress, and we hope that you will give us more ideas to improve them either from an educational or technical point of view. We want to create puzzles that will challenge our students as only Uru can. We wish all you could be in our classrooms when we show the students these uru educational ages. They are so excited, and even usually unmotivated students participate in the lessons. For us, that is the greatest reward for our work!
The new ages include new puzzles and two new ages: Wind River and Cretaceous.We invite you now to explore our new ages. Starting in Dragon’s tooth, examine the information in the journey books, and reconstruct our world as it existed millions of years ago…

Those of you that uses Drizzle may already have visited some of these our EducationalAges within offlineURU. For those who don't please use this link to get them. All seven ages are parts of a 'theme', and connected to each other with Journals or linking-books.


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GoMa Site and Forum Issues

The GoMa forum and site are down at the moment because hardware provided by the ISP has failed.

As some of you may know, the ISP concerned has not been providing the best quality of service, much to Nynaveve's frustration and despite her pushing for improvements.

Today the modem that has been causing many of the recent outages finally bit the dust. Nynaveve is chasing her ISP to provide the fix. Once that is sorted, the GoMa site and forums will be restored as soon as possible.

Apologies to all.

In the meantime, if you are having problems with using the ULM, for example, do pm any of us and we will try to help.